Exercising does not have to be complicated! Some of the most effective workout routines are also the easiest. Try our three favorite easy exercises to kick-start your workout routine.

One-Legged Crunch (One of many easy exercises that strengthens core muscles)

  • Lie on your back and interweave your hands behind your head. Keep your knees bent and feet flat on the ground. Extend your right leg straight up toward the ceiling and flex this foot. Using your abs, lift your upper body toward your right toe. Pretend there’s a string in your belly button, pulling your stomach toward the ground. Relax your neck and hold your head like an egg. Do 25 times and switch legs. Advance variation: Keep your lower leg straight and an inch from the ground…for the entire set.

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Side Crunch (One of many easy exercises that works your entire core)

  • While lying on your back, rest your head in interwoven hands. Drop your bent knees to the left. Crunch your upper body, keeping your chin a (tennis ball’s) distance from you chest. Pull your belly button toward your spine. Do 25 times each side. Advanced: Keep your legs an inch from the ground. Crunch your upper and lower body up each rep.

Tailbone Life (One of many easy exercises that strengthens lower abdominal muscles)

  • Lie on your back with your hands interwoven behind your head as a pillow. Lift your legs as straight as you can above your hips. Keeping this position, lift your tailbone from the ground one inch. Then, tap it slowly back down. Do 25 times. Don’t allow your chin to compress down to your chest. Leave a tennis ball’s distance. Advanced: Lift upper body while using your hands to hold your head. Make sure your neck is completely relaxed.

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