Those of us who haven’t left the couch are really running out of excuses. Not only can working out have measurable effects on our physical and mental health, but it now has a surprising result when it comes to our careers.CNN Money reports that more exercise equals more pay: Men who exercise three or more times a week enjoy pay that’s 6 percent higher, and women who do the same earn 10 percent more than their colleagues watching from desk chairs.MORE FROM LEARNVEST: How Four Real Women Got RaisesThe research is from Cleveland State University, and the researchers explain that the salary increase doesn’t have to do with the link between lower earnings and obesity, but rather it comes from sprints of post-exercise productivity. (Think of that “I can do anything” feeling it gives you afterward!)So let’s recap. Various studies have now shown that exercise is good for your relationships, generally does wonders for our health and even helps us be better with our finances.It looks like we’re going to have to start exercising. Start with just 20 minutes today!MORE FROM LEARNVEST: Shrink Your Bills With Free Cut Your Costs Bootcamp