There are mistakes nearly all women make when working out that prevents them from getting the results they’re looking for. If you know what these mistakes are and how to prevent them, you’ll get the long term results you’ve been working for.

#1 – Go hard. Then slow down. According to celebrity trainer, Ramona Braganza, women tend to keep one steady pace for too long. They may run, swim or bike ride, but they keep it at a steady pace. They should switch it up by increasing the intensity, then slowing down. Adding this to your routine will help you get more out of your work out.

#2 – Afraid of looking bulky. A lot of women avoid strength training for fear of looking bulky. Adding a little more weight to your workout will help you burn more calories.

#3- Working out on an empty stomach. Many women make the mistake of working out without water or on an empty stomach. You should have something on your stomach so you’ll have a source of energy.

#4 – Not stretching. It’s important to your muscles that you spend a little extra time stretching before and after a workout. This will help you to prevent injuries.

#5 – Doing too many crunches. Of course you want to get into that bikini sooner rather than later, but doing tons of crunches won’t get you there. You’d be better to do a basic plank because it covers the other parts of your core such as the side abs and midsection muscles.

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