Sometimes it isn’t about what you’re doing, but in what order you’re doing it that makes a big difference with workouts. Experts have outlined the best order to do your workouts in for optimum results. Check them out!

Warm-Up: You’ve heard of warm-ups before. This is the time period where you warm your body up for action. It’s best to start off with dynamic stretching such as bouncing into lunges and squats. Another way to warm up…a light jog. It will help to get the blood flowing all over.

Strength Training: After you’ve warmed-up, it’s time to move on to strength training. Because you still have tons of energy, you’ll be better able to hold tough positions longer.

Do The Big Moves: Before you do any isolated exercises, do multi-muscle moves like bench pressing.

Move to Isolated Exercises: Once you’ve done the big moves, you can move on to the isolated muscles exercises like tricep extensions.

Get Ready For Cardio: Now it’s time to move on to the big cardio workout. Since you’ve done all the other stuff, you won’t feel tired after you do the cardio workout.

Whew! The Cool Down: After you work your buns off, it’s time to cool down with a short walk, or a nice stretch.

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