Finding the time to fit a workout into your day might be tricky, but it’s always doable. It’s true what they say – you will never regret a workout, you will only regret the one you never did. Although we know the many benefits and pros to working out, it can sometimes be hard to get in the zone and motivate ourselves for a gym session. We’ve put together some hacks to help you get up, get moving, and smash your workout with no excuses!

Pick A Feel-Good Playlist
Music is such a strong motivator, especially when it’s music that you love. Try to create your own workout playlist with your favorite feel-good songs that you know will get you in a positive mood. This will not only motivate you to actually get up and do your workout, but it will also help you power through your session and finish strong.

Workout First Thing
Everyone has different preferences when it comes to the time they like to workout. Still, morning exercise sessions are always the better option. Not only is it then out the way and done for the day, but it also starts your morning off right. You have no excuses not to do it at this time, whereas if you leave it until later on in the day, excuses tend to creep in such as ‘I’ve had a long day at work” or “I’m too tired.”

Give Yourself An Incentive
Whether it’s a tasty smoothie from your local juice bar or a delicious homemade breakfast, try to give yourself a ‘reward’ for working out. This will help you get it done and look forward to your little treat at the end of your gym session. This will also help you see your workout as a form of self-care and something you should enjoy.