In the pecking order of beautiful body parts, hands and feet are the source of some pretty diverse opinions.Some people pamper their feet, others hate them. Gnarly nails can be a source of embarrassment. No matter what your opinion on the matter, we should celebrate the function and beauty of our hands and feet.Aside from the fact that your feet make upright posture possible, they also possess a natural sexual quality. They’re one of the most sensitive tactile organs. Some cultures believe the feet have vibratory and electromagnetic powers, linked to contact with the earth.The hands also come in different shapes with different meanings. Dainty hands are traditionally considered an indicator of aristocracy. The hand is also one of the only body parts continually exposed to the outside world, making it a major advertisement of beauty.QUIZ: How Healthy Is Your Skin?We communicate many messages with them. Gentlemen kiss ladies’ hands. Strangers and friends show respect and greetings with shaking hands. Couples hold hands. Strangers and friends greet each other with a shake of the hands to show respect and interact with potential mates.We understand that a few blemishes on your hands or feet may be lower on your priority list than wrinkles or dandruff. But that does not mean you should ignore those issues.In fact, unlike some aspects of your appearance where you can’t make significant changes, your feet and hands are a few of the places where you can.