This move is tough but totally nailable—and worth it. Trainer Kiley Schoenfelder ( tells you how. By Jaclyn Emerick1. Stand on a plyo box under bar. With hands slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, grab bar with an overhand grip.MORE FROM SELF: Old-Fashioned Exercises That Get the Job Done2. Step off front of box and hang. Keep neck long, drawing shoulder blades together. Tighten abs and inhale.MORE FROM SELF: 5-Minute Abs3. Exhale and pull body straight up, driving elbows toward rib cage.MORE FROM SELF: Build Your Best Bikini Bod!4. Clear bar with your chin. Pause and inhale; exhale as you slowly descend. High-five, badass!MORE FROM SELF: How to Use Battle RopesHow not to look stupid…Know the DifferencePull-ups use an overhand grip. Flip your wrists and you’re actually doing a chin-up. Also a great upper-body move but has less gym cred cuz it’s easier—biceps pitch in.


Cheat ItLoop a superband around the bar, then step one foot in and pull yourself up, using a little extra help.MORE FROM SELF: Lose 10 Pounds in Just 5 Weeks!