Fitness is at the top of most people’s goals, but there is such a thing as going too far with exercising. While it might seem like exercising is something that would only continue to yield more benefits the more you do it, there is a clear line between healthy amounts of exercise and overexercise.

There’s a good reason to make sure you’re not overexercising. Not only does overexercising bring health risks like a weakened immune system and injuries, but it can also even cause the very thing you’re exercising to avoid in the first place — weight gain. Yep, you can gain weight from not exercising and from overexercising. Who designed the human body, anyway?

If you’re wondering what overexercising looks like, here’s how to know if it’s time to take a break from the gym.

Performance Loss

The most definite sign of overexercising is a decrease in overall performance during your workouts. If you feel you just can do as much as you previously could and struggle to maintain what you usually do, overexercising is likely the culprit.

No Days Off

It’s crucial when working out to give your body some down to recuperate. If you have a “no days off” mentality, just make sure it doesn’t develop into feelings of guilt when you need a day off. Feeling upset or depressed after missing just one workout is an indicator that you might be overexercising.

Workouts In the Way

If your workouts seem to compete with your relationships, it’s time to reassess exactly how much exercise you’re doing. While it’s important to make time for yourself and your health, overexercising is possible when workouts become more important than spending quality time with friends and family.

Too Pushy

Do you believe pushing yourself to the edge is required for a successful workout? Motivation and pushing some limits are undoubtedly crucial for getting proper exercise, but pushing yourself when you’re already spent or have an injury is not only risky, it’s just not useful for working out with excellent results. Being too hard on yourself in your workouts is a good sign that you might be overexercising.

While overexercising doesn’t seem like an immediate risk in the way that is forgoing all exercise is, it definitely posits its own dangers. Sleep disturbances, mood issues, and even fat gain are just a few risks of overexercising. Keep an eye out for these signs so your workouts can stay effective and healthy.