Plus-size models are labeled and stigmatized by the greater fashion industry, which looks at anything over a size 12 as “plus” (despite the fact 12/14 is the average woman’s clothing size these days). But besides the naming game, there’s a fundamental problem with how little clothing companies pay attention to reinventing lines for larger women. As a powerful maker of clothing and lingerie for full-figured ladies, Lane Bryant is using its clout to reposition itself — and the entire category — and change what consumers and retailers alike think about “plus-size.”

The brand’s new campaign which debuted today is for its lingerie brand Cacique, and is called #ImNoAngel, Fashionista reports. It consists of print ads shot by fashion photographer Cass Bird, a TV spot, publicity stunts (like a performance by Salt n Pepa in NYC today, because, why not?), and a social media component. The brand wants you to Instagram a mirror selfie with #ImNoAngel written in lipstick on the mirror, like this fabulous shot by model Ashley Graham:

When asked if the hashtag has anything to do with a certain lingerie brand that celebrates its classically thin and beautiful “Angels,” CEO Linda Heasley coyly told Fashionista: “I think it’s what you want it to be. The intent is to be fun; it’s tongue in cheek.” Hmmm…

The term “plus-size” is not in any of the ads or copy for this campaign, which is part of the strategy in reintroducing Lane Bryant as a strong, fashion-forward brand that supports women of all sizes — the goal is to “redefine sexy and notions of beauty,” and make all women feel sexy, without having to constrain them to a label like “plus-size.” Hopefully its power as a large, commercial brand can help move and shake awake the industry to become more size inclusive.

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