Singer, actress, and talk show host, Keke Palmer, is currently at the top of her game. At 21-years-old, she’s already had quite the career, with past leading roles in Akeelah and the Bee, Shrink, and Madea’s Family Reunion. But she’s just beginning what is sure to be a long and successful career, especially since this starlet has joined the A-List cast set to take part in the upcoming television show, Scream Queens. With an all-star cast (we’re talking Emma Roberts, Ariana Grande, Nick Jonas, Lea Michele and many more), coupled with tons of bloody drama, this is sure to be one hell of a show! We checked in with the star for the inside scoop on her upcoming hit show, favorite beauty products, and how she stays fit while working on such a tight schedule. Read on to get a taste of the real Keke Palmer:

YB: I know you’re working on the upcoming show Scream Queens. Tell me a little bit about how you prepared for the role and your favorite thing about the project?

Keke: When I first met with the creator, Ryan Murphy, I told him that I would really like to try comedy. The last time I played with comedy was with True Jackson, VP. I was much younger then and I’ve been itching to try it again for the past few years. I was blessed that he gave me the opportunity with this show!

Were you ever in a sorority? What was it like stepping into a college-based role?

Unfortunately no, but it has been like a little college community while we are filming in New Orleans .

There’s been tons of talk about having such an all-star cast in Scream Queens. Has there been any drama on set with so many big stars collaborating together?

Haha! I have to be honest, absolutely not. We are all just working hard. The scripts are so incredible that everyone comes to work focused. Jamie Lee Curtis is just the best and I feel so thankful to be working with her and Ryan.

I’m sure with the show you’ve had a bit of work done with horror-themed makeup, what has that been like for you? 

I did a movie called Animal and that was such a cool experience because I got to wear makeup that is primarily used for horror films. It was like dressing up for Halloween everyday on set. All I can say about Scream Queens is yes, there is a lot of blood… and that is all I am saying.

After working with a ton of hair and makeup artists during your career, what would be your number one tip you’ve learned from them over the years?

I think the best tips that I learned are to never go to sleep with makeup on, and try to wear a scarf to bed at night to keep the natural minerals in your hair and not on the pillow.

Is there a beauty product you refuse to leave your house without?

Can’t leave home without my Chanel #76 frivole blush!

You recently partnered with Playtex Sport – what made you want to partner with Playtex?

Staying active by participating in sports and fitness is really important to me as it has given me the confidence I need on stage, on set and in the recording studio to perform my best at all times. I was thrilled to partner with Playtex® Sport® to help them on the mission to educate girls on their new Sport Level Protection Pads and liners. It’s a cool thing for girls to know that they can feel comfortable and in control during the times when they may feel they are not.

Speaking of staying fit, how do you keep fit while constantly traveling and working so much?

I try my best to make a conscience effort to eat right and work out regularly, but I do cheat. Like, how can you not in a city like New Orleans where the food is so delicious! But I don’t beat myself up either because that is no good. I meditate and keep positive energy around me which has been helpful.

Interview has been edited and condensed.

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