Allure Magazine’s annual “Nudes” photography feature is known for bringing out raw beauty among Hollywood’s elite. This year’s spread has a gorgeous round up that includes Jordana Brewster, Sandrine Holt, Nicole Beharie, and Katheryn Winnick. However, the standout among this roster of beautiful stars posing nude for Allure is Laverne Cox.

According to USA Today, Laverne Cox is the first transgender woman to pose for the magazine since the nudes feature was first instated back in 2000. At first, Cox had some reservations so she originally turned down the mag’s request for her to participate in the shoot, but she then reconsidered.

“I said no initially, thought about it, and said no again,” the “Orange Is the New Black” star confessed to Allure. “But I’m a black transgender woman. I felt this could be really powerful for the communities that I represent.”

Cox continued: “Black women are not often told that we’re beautiful unless we align with certain standards. Trans women certainly are not told we’re beautiful. Seeing a black transgender woman embracing and loving everything about herself might be inspiring to some other folks. There’s beauty in things we think are imperfect.”

From Cox’s photos, you can see how effortlessly beauty radiates from her. Her pose is powerful, tasteful and sexy, inspiring women everywhere, trans and non-trans, to feel beautiful in their own skin.

Laverne was also clearly excited about her shoot. She took to Instagram to reveal her excitement over the powerful image, saying, “Thanks to everyone at @allure magazine for making me feel so comfortable taking off my clothes for the camera for your May issue.”

Her jaw-dropping images only add to her already-impressive reputation. Cox was recently listed as a “transgender icon” forerunner in Time’s annual list of the 100 Most Influential People.

Kudos to Cox for being such a great role model for women everywhere! Check out the rest of the interviews and portraits for the feature over at Allure.