Lindsay Lohan is in trouble again. LiLo and her younger brother Michael are facing a $60 million lawsuit over an app that sounds like Cher’s closet from “Clueless” come to life. According to Page Six,  the Lohans signed on as equity members to Fima Potik’s company Spotted Friend, which allows users to view celebrities’ and friends’ virtual closets and then purchase real-life items. Lindsay even agreed to act as a spokeswoman and give Spotted access to her physical closet.As usual in start-up land, the Post reports that the Lohans signed a confidentiality agreement. Michael eventually demanded a larger cut of the company, and the partnership between the Lohans and Potik dissolved, to the chagrin of “Mean Girls” fans everywhere.But not to worry: the Lohans launched their own closet app, Vigme, a “virtual clone” of Spotted — with an equally terrible name. Not only is Vigme “identical in design and and layout to Spotted Friend’s mobile application,” the Lohan’s iteration has Arianna Huffington as an advisor and, of course, access to Lindsay’s closet. Good luck defending that in court, kids.