The Annie remake is upon us and the producers have released the first musical number from the soundtrack: Sia covering “You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile.” Kudos to the producers on going all out with this remake – Quvenzhané Wallis as little orphan Annie deserves an artist with a little badassery like Sia to do the soundtrack. The elusive “Chandelier” singer appears on a few more tracks on the official soundtrack (new ones!) – “Opportunity” and “Moonquake Lake” alongside Beck.Check out the video which no surprise, doesn’t feature Sia, but does show the cast on the hunt for smiles throughout New York City. It’s pretty darn cute:Bonus showtune: If you need to get ‘Smile’ stuck out of your head (and stick something else in) there’s something to be said for the music and ridiculous choreography of Tim Curry singing “Easy Street” in the original 1982 movie.