Mad at the Mirror: The 4 Most-Hated Body Parts

The female form is a “work of art.” But, apparently, women aren’t buying it. Instead, we buy cover-ups, lots of black and trips to plastic surgeons. To make our bodies more tolerable in the light, we go to many extremes, but we don’t have to! Whether it’s because of your legs, your nose, your feet or somewhere in-between, there are ways to stop the cringe when you see certain body parts in the mirror.


If women liked their legs, there’d be just one kind of summer shorts. The need to cover up our gams, specifically our upper thighs, makes it pretty clear that the lower limbs aren’t exactly beloved. But they’re the body’s way around, the wheels to our Ferraris. So, wax ‘em up and show ‘em off!

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Of all the facial features women hold grudges against, the nose tends to take the bulk of the heat. Many of us can’t afford and/or don’t desire surgery to edit the nose we were born with, but there are still ways you can minimize certain issues with makeup techniques. You can make a wide nose look smaller by blending a small amount of foundation “• a tinted moisturizer works best for this as it adds a bit of shading without being too obvious “• to the outer sides of the nose and then applying a small bit of highlighter mixed with your actual color of foundation on the bridge of the nose. This creates the illusion of a slimmer shape.



The upper part of many women’s arms is a source of distress, especially in the summer. There are so many fantastic clothing trends to choose from this season, but a great deal of them involve a decided lack of sleeves.

Sure, you could spend your evenings doing endless tricep dips and push-ups, but you’ve got bigger and better summer plans to attend to — like looking fantastic in that brand-new blouse tonight. Having glowing, healthy skin on your arms will make them appear healthier and even more in shape (although a gym routine doesn’t hurt, course).

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Try exfoliating with a fine scrub every other day to polish your skin and buff away dead cells or bacteria that might cause bumps. The smoother and fresher your skin is, the more easily it will absorb whatever moisturizer you use afterward, and the better it will reflect light particles for a flattering glow. Voila! Soft and sexy arms to show off right away.


Many women worry that their butts are either too big or too small. Fortunately, there are some quick fixes for this!

Flat-booty problem? When you go jeans shopping, look for pairs that have back pockets, to make the derriere look fuller; and wear dresses and skirts that flare out, to accentuate the area. Junk in the trunk? Don’t wear pants or skirts that are too tight. Instead, try shift or A-line dresses to create a more streamlined silhouette.

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If you’re looking for a bit more definition in the glutes, try doing squats every day to make them look fitter and more toned. When you’re sitting down at work every day, squeezing your glutes together also helps tighten them — our editors swear by this.