Have you hit a fitness plateau? Here’s a hint: Your cardiovascular and strength training routine may have paid off big time initially, resulting in shedding a few pounds, increased energy and more-defined muscles. But lately, you’re just not seeing much payoff for all of your sweat and hard work. Sound familiar?Kelvin Gary, a New York City-based certified personal trainer and owner of Body Space Fitness, says that people often hit a plateau because they fail to change up their workout routine. “Eventually, your body will adapt to the demands you place on it,” says Gary. “If you don’t change the demands, your body will stop adapting—and you won’t see results.”Making the right adjustments to your workout could increase your lean muscle mass and boost your metabolism, according to Jennifer McCamish, a certified personal trainer and owner of Dancers Shape in Austin. “Those are the biggest benefits you’ll reap if you make some changes and stick with them,” she says.MORE: Weight Loss Myth: The Dreaded PlateauFor example, you can surprise your muscles by doing your cardio workout first if you normally start with resistance training or vice versa, suggests Fredina Usher-Weems, manager of Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Lifestyle Medicine Fitness Program. Decreasing your rest period between strength training sets from 45 seconds to 30 seconds and eventually not taking a break at all can also help you see improved fitness results.Ready to jumpstart your workout and start seeing impressive results again? Make these 10 simple exercise tweaks—endorsed by the pros.