Tight Hamstrings? Tight Hips? You are going to LOVE the way these five yoga stretches relieve tightness and rigidity. Free your muscles and experience flexibility and mobility like never before!

Intense Forward Bending Pose
Not only does this great forward fold relieve tight hamstring, but it also helps you keep a healthy and supple spine. All you have to do is hinge from the hips. Bending at the waist can place unnecessary strain on the back, resulting in possible injury to the lumbar spine and/or hamstrings. So, make sure to drop from the hips and let your arms fall to the floor.

Extended Triangle Pose
You can call the triangle pose an “All-Purpose Healer” not only because you get to practice mindful balance with this pose, but you also help heal your internal organs. Additionally, the asana sends great healing vibes to all extremities of the body as you hold it. It allows your entire body to benefit, not just your hamstrings.

Wide-Legged Forward Fold
This powerful position allows you to stretch your tight hamstrings fully. Remember always to make sure you don’t navigate past your comfort zone! Use your breath as your guide and ease into the pose, so you don’t injure your knees or back.

Staff Pose into Seated Forward Bend
A grounded staff pose helps realign and straighten the spine, allowing the natural curve to exist even during a seated posture. Reaching for the toes in the staff seated forward pose is more of a secondary detail than the goal. Instead, focus on broadening those hamstrings and try not to round the thoracic spine.

Reclining Hand-to-Big-Toe Pose
Most practitioners find the reclining hand to toe pose or full splits almost impossible, which makes this supine version a safer and more enjoyable alternative.