Most little nail injuries heal naturally, though they may be unsightly. Here are some common nail-related issues…White spots: Small, semicircle dots results from injury at the nail base, where nail cells form. They eventually grow out.Splinter hemorrhages: If you see fine, splinter-like vertical lines under the nail plate, they are probably the results of an injury or drugs that disrupt the blood vessels under the nail bed. However, a heart infection could also cause these. So if you’re under the weather and have a fever, call a doctor. Most hemorrhages do resolve spontaneously.Ingrown toenails: Tight shoes, poor posture and improper trimming can cause a corner of the nail to curve down into the skin. This is painful, and could lead to infection. See a doctor instead of trying to take care of an ingrown nail yourself. The doctor can numb the toe and trim the nail. An 80 percent phenol solution can prevent regrowth of this nail. If you want it removed by a more effective laser, this can cost up to $800.WATCH VIDEO: The Causes and Symptoms of Ingrown ToenailsHangnails: A pesky cracked or ragged cuticle is a small, annoying pain. Our cuticles tend to crack with low humidity. Your best defense is routinely using a moisturizer so your skin doesn’t dry up. If you develop a crack, use a liquid bandage to seal it and eliminate any pain.QUIZ: Is Your Skin Healthy?