This wins our award for the most innovative beauty invention of the week: Because you’ve always wanted to wear your Instagram snapshots on your fingernails, the new NailSnaps app lets you turn your photos into one-of-a-kind nail polish stickers you can apply yourself.

Think of the possibilities. Besides the gorgeously artistic shots you fill your Instagram feeds with, there is also the possibilty of selfies, babies…cats and dogs.

Founded by Angel Anderson and Sarah Heering in Los Angeles, the free NailSnaps app lets you design how you want your photo, which can be any image that you take with your phone, to appear on your nails. You can create an image that spans across the nail, or pick and choose different parts of an image for each finger. Once you’ve finalized your design, your nail polish stickers will be shipped to your door. Application entails placing the sticker on your nails and filing off the edges, and once applied your NailSnaps will last about an week.

The project is being crowdfunded on Kickstarter, and is currently up to $16,700 of its $47,381 goal, with 14 days to go. Please help this amazing idea become a reality. (We definitely are!)

But in the meantime, we’ll be trying these three super-easy spring nail art ideas