Ready to kick up your high heels for the whirlwind that is holiday party season? Bring on the champagne and maybe even a little mistletoe. Now is the time to show off your sexy side—but without looking like Santa’s slutty elf.

“The trick is to focus on one part of the body alone,” says YouBeauty Style Expert Jacqui Stafford author of “The Wow Factor: Insider Style Secrets for Every Body and Every Budget.” “If you have fabulous legs, you can wear a short skirt, great hosiery or a sexy pair of heels, but you don’t want to show a lot of cleavage at the same time. If you want to show off cleavage, you want to keep your lower half more muted.”

Too much of everything, is just, well, too much.

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“You don’t want to do the big hair, plus red lips, plus false eyelashes, plus a mini, plus high, high heels,” Stafford advises, pointing to Jennifer Lopez and Heidi Klum as celebrities who deliver the sexy vibe tastefully, while calling Christina Aguilera a great example of what not to do. “Jennifer and Heidi understand their bodies and they don’t go over the top,” says Stafford. “They play with trends, but they focus on one part of the body, rather than all of them.”

To give you some inspiration, we rounded up five sexy stars—all with different body shapes, naturally—who know how to make the most of their bodies without crossing over into streetwalker territory.

“Think about using clothes as an optical illusion to create the body you want,” Stafford says. J.Lo, watch out.