The lazy days of summer have come to an end (tear tear), and it’s time to get back to our hectic routines for fall. And along with summer Fridays ending and work picking back up quickly, it also means getting back to a steady fitness routine.

Whether you’ve been ditching the gym for lazy beach days, or just feel like you’ve hit a seasonal slump, here are five simple workout motivation tips to get your body back on track for the fall and winter months, from ACE Certified Personal Trainer and this year’s IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year, Mike Robinson.

1. Hire a personal trainer. “Maybe I’m biased, but it is guaranteed that a passionate, knowledgeable, and credible personal trainer will help you to take your fitness to the next level whether you’re trying to get stronger, lose weight, tone up, de-stress, or just start making exercise a regular part in your life,” Robinson says. Sometimes when you’re not sure where to start, a session or two with a pro will give you the tools you need to start a healthy workout habit. Visit ACE Fitness to find an ACE Certified Personal Trainer in your area.

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2. Go outside of your comfort zone. Bored of the gym or your same old running path? “Try something new to you such as a hiking club, a Zumba workout, gardening, swimming, or biking!” Robinson suggests. Don’t be intimidated—just get out there and try something new. “I always recommend trying something that scares you the most—you may just end up enjoying it.”

3. Find activities that you enjoy doing. “Just like in life, the more you enjoy something, the more likely you’re to stick with it,” Robinson reminds us. “Exercise is supposed to be an enjoyable experience,” not one you dread. If you hate running on a treadmill, but love dancing, “then guess which one I would recommend for you?” Hit up that dance cardio class you’ve been wanting to try, or just figure out how to get sweaty dancing on your own.

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4. Give yourself a pep talk every day. Remind yourself of how capable you are, and you’ll find more strength to power through. “Confidence and believing in yourself is huge for kick starting a new workout program,” says Robinson. “If don’t believe that you’ll be able to stick to the program, you will most likely not get the results that you desire.” Of course there will be days where you just don’t feel like working out—happens to the best of us. But follow Robinson’s motivating mantra: Keep your eyes on the prize. “Remain positive, and remind yourself of your vision for yourself, then you drastically increase the likelihood of achieving your desired results.”

5. Action, action, action. “You can’t just wiggle your toes in the water forever,” Robinson tells us. “At some point you have to just jump in all the way!” Same with your workout routine. Less talking, more doing. “You’ll NEVER regret a day that you worked out!”

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