Women and their gynos have long known that Kegels — the “I’m actually doing them right now” exercises — strengthen the muscles we use during sex. But in case you haven’t been up in the latest in pelvic floor trends, there are several devices measure your success at performing these intimate exercises correctly.The blog Techcrunch reports how London-based startupChiaro has created a Kegel exerciser called Elvie, expected to be on sale in March. It’s worn inside the body — similar to a way more fun new device we discovered recently — and uses a sensor to measure the applied force. of your Kegels. Other sensors search for temperature and speed; all the data is collected in an app (for both iOS and Android). “Behind the scenes, there’s a lot of data calibration going on,” explained CEO Tania Boler, which is what women love to hear about their vaginas.Elvie is the second such Kegel gadget to debut in the past few months. In July, the sexual health product company Minna Life debuted KGoal Smart Kegel Trainer, which also reports data on your strenghtening prowess back to an app. The $135 KGoal cleverly billed itself as “Fitbit for your vagina.”Five Alternatives to Kegel Exercises