New workouts pop up every day, and wouldn’t it be nice to try before you buy? In our “Last Night’s Workout” series we sweat, stretch and shimmy our way through the latest exercise crazes and report back to you so you can find the best one for your skill level and fitness goals.The workout: Get ready to do more planks and squats than you ever thought possible. Seriously, your muscles will tremble. The Dailey Method, started 13 years ago by Jill Dailey, is a full-body workout founded on kinesiology and core alignment principles. It combines ballet-inspired moves, core conditioning, yoga and orthopedic exercises. But now, Dailey has put this class on steriods to create The Dailey Interval, a more cardio-focused workout that still retains her signature focus on alignment and core strength.Dailey describes the class as a “more simplified, faster paced, 45-minute Dailey Method class that combines period of high and low intensity movement for optimal cardiovascular results.” The setup of the class, which goes from high-intensity muscle work to low-intensity yoga-style moves, brings your heart rate up and down so you get maximum calorie-burning benefits plus longterm heart health. Our blood was pumping and sweat was dripping, but what really brought us to our knees (literally) were all of the squats and planks. The class combines muscle-toning exercises on the mat (basically Pilates), tons of different squats, and work on the barre, including, yes, more squats. And more squats. Oh and then, a plank immediately after that squat.The most challenging part, even if you’re in decent shape, is that through all of it, you’re expected to maintain proper alignment and form. And for anyone who is not a ballerina, that makes the class twice as hard to get through. Which is why Dailey recommends starting with some Dailey Method classes before venturing into the Interval class.The goal: The goals of the standard class, which are to strengthen, tone and lengthen every muscle, focusing on proper alignment and balance; plus, cranking up the intensity to reach each person’s optimum calorie-burning potential and improve cardiovascular health while still maintaining correct form to avoid injury and optimize muscle toning.The location: The Dailey Method has nearly 50 studios worldwide, and the Dailey Interval is offered at most of them. Visit the website to find the closest studio to you.The price: Class fees ranges from city to city and studio to studio. For pricing, visit The Dailey Method and select a studio near you.The Dailey Method “Dailey Now” DVD from Doug McIntosh on Vimeo.