Zumba has been around since the 90s, but it’s never been more popular today. If you’re new to Zumba, it’s an exercise program created by a Colombian dancer that fuses the dance styles that are done to four primary rhythms: salsa, reggaeton, merengue, and cumbia. People love Zumba because it makes an hour of intense exercise feel like 20 minutes of fun on a dance floor. Better yet, it’s a great way to get real results from your workout.

Zumba is an excellent method for weight loss — you can burn from 300 to 900 calories in just one class. It’s also an excellent method for core strengthening and flexibility, as the movements require midsection and hip engagement. If these benefits have you convinced, wait no longer. There are lots of great Zumba classes available right now on YouTube. Here are some of the hottest Zumba workouts.

Live Love Party TV

This Zumba channel is excellent for the wide variety of videos you can choose to workout too. Plus, the video quality is excellent (we’ve got you, picky aesthetes, in mind, don’t worry). If you’re not convinced, their 2.21 million subscribers might sway you to give this channel a shot.

Dance Fitness with Jessica

If you like your Zumba with a healthy side of sexy, Jessica’s channel is the one for you. Her dance videos will have you feeling like J-Lo at the Super Bowl. Plus, her channel’s videos are well organized — you can easily pick the level you feel comfortable at and what body sections you’d like to focus on.

The Zumba

With almost 1 million subscribers, this channel is clearly providing some Zumba gold with their workout videos. You can choose which genres of music you’d rather get your Zumba on to, from dance hall to reggaeton. This channel even offers some short Zumba-themed comedy sketches for when you need a break from feeling the burn.

Red Studio

If you’re searching for one YouTube channel with enough Zumba videos to keep you satisfied for months and months of Zumba-ing, Red Studio is the answer. This channel has almost half a million subscribers, and it’s clear why — the endless options for a Zumba workout that matches your mood is a big ¡sí!

With this list of the hottest Zumba workouts on YouTube, we’re sorry to tell you there’s no excuse for skipping that exercise. Nope, not even quarantine!