Instagram can be an excellent place for all kinds of different inspiration. From home decor to makeup goals and gym transformations, here’s an Instagram fitness girl we seriously envy!

A Love Island Icon Turned Instagram Fitspo 

Alexandra Cane has been a positive body image icon ever since she first appeared on our screens on season 4 of Love Island. Her can-do yet honest attitude on Instagram has allowed so many women to resonate with her and her fitness journey. As a woman who is naturally curvy, Alex often championed self-love and body positivity. However, after openly admitting to her struggle of ‘not feeling healthy’ or her best, she recently underwent a fantastic transformation that has impacted her not only physically but also mentally.

Focusing on her nutrition, mental health, wellbeing, and fitness, Alex did regular HIIT workouts. Although the exercises she does are only ten minutes long each, they are super intense, meaning they are equivalent to an hour’s cardio! Because of her success in her journey, Alex then shared even more with her following on Instagram with her new fitness plan, ‘Happy Body.’

The plan consists of these intense, 10-minute workouts, which she advises you complete once per day, alongside a healthy eating plan. That means you remain in a calorie deficit. It’s the exact plan that Alex used to drop 28 pounds, lose body fat and tone up – she also claims that it has eliminated her anxiety.

The Glow Up is Real 

Although some have argued that Alex ‘looked better before’ or has lost her curves, we think she looks incredible, and above all, happy and healthy, which is more important than anything else. You can genuinely see how her hard work has paid off, and her killer abs and flawless physique is something we’re all inspired to see on our Instagram feed! We also love that she still keeps it real and is all about supporting other women – go girl power!