You are an individual unlike any other, and your diet should be tailored to your physical and mental needs. There’s no such thing as “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to diet plans. If this summer’s trendy diet isn’t working, it might not be the right plan for you. You need the right plan and you need the right mindset to tackle a goal as significant as weight loss.

Motivation that comes from within is going to succeed much more than a desire to squeeze into those size 6 jeans.

“Any plan that leaves you feeling resentful or deprived is never going to work long-term,” says Dr. Meg Arroll, a psychologist who co-authored The Shrinkology Solution. “It is far better to decide that you are making changes for YOU, and to set yourself realistic, achievable and measurable goals. If you’re not really making changes for yourself it might be time to dig a bit deeper and ask why you’re not making YOU a priority.”

We’re all tempted by diets that promise we’ll lose 10 pounds in one week. But does your diet offer a long-term maintenance phase? You’ll recognize the phase as the one that says you have to stick to a regimen to keep off lost weight and continue to lose. Staying disciplined forever is not every exciting to contemplate, so many trendy diets skip over long range maintenance and focus on fast gratification.

If you’ve reached the plateau that follows a quick-start kickoff, you may be contemplating abandoning your current diet only to go in search of another that promises very fast progress in a very short time. Switching diets rapidly will only confuse your body, say nutritionists. And it’s a step on the road to destructive yo-yo dieting. The reward for yo-yo dieting is increasing weight gain over time.

Fitting exercise into your daily life is one of the key factors in maintaining a stable weight. Exercise is the key to sticking with a workout plan. Working out even as little as taking a ten minute walk each day will make you more likely to stick to your diet plan.

Finding the exercise that’s right for you is just as important as finding the diet that works best for you. If your life is super busy, take a look a quick-fix HIIT. If you are super stressed all the time, adopt a deeply relaxing yin-yoga. Cross-fit works for natural-born competitors, and solitary sorts love swimming. You don’t have to chase after the latest trendy trainer to find an effective exercise.

If you’re a veteran dieter who’s tried everything from Atkins to keto, you may have ditched them in favor of a diet you stitched together yourself out of many. That’s fine if your concoction is working for you. If it’s not, you may have thrown your body into a state of confusion. Self-designed diets can be high in calories and low in nutrition.

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