Mid-summer is the perfect time to break out a new hairstyle and freshen up your look. These celebs offer some excellent ideas from the perfect way to grow out a super short cut to taking full advantage of flattering layers. Their styles are versatile and adaptable for almost any face shape. Just the thing for a lift heading into the hottest days of the season!
Mandy Moore wears a style that looks great even when it dries naturally. Her mid-length hair is cut in piecey, face framing layers starting at the chin. This is a great look for women who want to bring some lightness into thick, dense strands because the ends are thinned so much. While the cut is especially flattering to oval faces, this style can accent any face shape with slight adjustments to the layering.

Elizabeth Olsen wears her hair in a voluminous lob that falls below the collarbone. In addition to the evident soft, blended layers starting at the chin, her hairstylist used thinning shears to cut hidden layers throughout the bottom few inches of her hair to add volume and thickness. This universal lob would look good on just about everyone. If your face is long, ask your stylist to start layering at lip level to downplay the length of your face. If your hair is curly, leave the layers long enough to weigh down those curls.

Naomi Campbell’s cut has no layers, and the versatility allows her to choose almost any style. Her one-length hair is cut at the shoulders with deep, soft, wispy bangs starting at the middle of the head. The style requires a precise length, so go to a stylist with excellent cutting skills. This cut downplays the forehead and emphasizes cheekbones, so it is great for heart-shaped and oval faces.

Rachel McAdams wears her mid-length hair in a summer style of tiered layers and swooping fringe that softens her strong cheekbones. Strands are bluntly layered at cheekbones, chin and collarbone, and long bangs frame her face. Whether you have a slight curl to your hair and blow out the style with a slight bend, or whether you let these layers air dry, the style is very forgiving.

Ginnifer Goodwin sports an edgy pixie that actually lends balance to her soft, feminine face. The close crop is longer and choppier on top and asymmetrically layered in front. Women with longer faces will want to draw the eye outward rather than down, and they should choose more volume on the sides.

Emily Browning’s short shag incorporates a chunky, side-swept bang and heavily feathered ends to her above-the-chin bob. This versatile style is perfect for growing out a shorter cut. Halfway between a pixie and a bob, her style is an evolution of a very short cut Emily got after recently shooting a movie. Six months later, layered sides frame her heart-shaped face and diagonal fringe highlights her delicate features. If your hair is coarse or ultra-thick, this cut can start to look like helmet head; you may want to give it a pass.

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