It seems every other month a new diet fad comes about promising to be the “fix all” to weight problems. So, which diet do we have this month?

The Military Diet.

With a name like, The Military Diet, you’d think it’d be an intense, yet efficient way to lose weight. After all, the military is known for terms like “boot camp” designed to get you in rapid shape. So, how does The Military Diet measure up? Before answering that, first let’s find out what The Military Diet is…

If you check out the site,, you’ll get a meal plan that is suppose to help you lose weight fast. It’s promise is to help you lose up to 10 pounds in just one week without having to engage in hard exercise or prescriptions.

The diet plan outlines specific foods you should eat such as grapefruit, eggs, toast, tuna, green beans, apples, etc. The plan is pretty strict, and is designed to put you in a caloric deficit. That’s why you are expected to lose weight in one week’s time. By the end of day 1, you are expected to have consumed no more than 1,400 calories. Then by the end of day three, you should be down to 1,100 calories.

While this may work in helping you lose weight fast, it’s not very sustainable with so few calories.

So, is this a great diet to try? It won’t hurt to give it a week. But don’t count on it long term.

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