Your waist-to-hip ratio (WHR) compares the size of your waist to hips.

Waist-to-Hip Ratio Formula
WHR = waist circumference / hip circumference

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The ideal WHR ratio is between 0.65 and 0.75. Weight in the hips typically signifies fertility and health. As estrogen levels decrease with age, women usually start storing less weight in their hips, and more in their belly.

Having a WHR much greater than 0.75 can put you at risk for diabetes and other health problems. For years, researchers believed that storing belly fat boosted heart disease risk.

Now, there’s preliminary evidence that this may not be the case. Storing your weight higher in your stomach may actually be better for your cognition in older age, like memory.

We’re keeping an eye out for the latest studies. In the meantime, staying in a healthy BMI range may be the best general guideline to follow.