Regular exercise has many benefits; however, feeling guilty about skipping your workout or postponing your workout routine is just going to make you feel unmotivated. Feeling guilty about something can harm your mental state.

Whether you are having a bad period or you have an injury, taking some time from working out may feel like cheating. However, it’s okay to take some time off and skip your workout routine. You need to stop overthinking, so the next time you feel guilty about not exercising, remember this:

You Arent Going to Gain Weight by Skipping a Few Workouts

If you take a break from exercising now and then, it will not impact your body drastically. There needs to be a long-time consistency and effort to make a significant change in your appearance, and this goes in the other direction as well.

Your Body Shape Doesnt Define You

The shape of your body has nothing to do with who you are and what your values are. Getting out of shape changes nothing drastic about your personality. Besides, your physique isn’t in your top qualities.

You Arent Worse Than Others Because You Dont Workout

Society makes us believe that we are better than others if we workout. However, this makes no sense. You are not lesser of a person because you don’t work out. Don’t allow society to tell you how you should feel about yourself.

Use Time to Do Something Productive

If you are still feeling guilty about skipping your workout, the best way to forget about it is to do something else in that time. Read the book you’ve been putting off, clean your apartment, catch up on work, or pick up a new hobby. Fill the time with productive tasks, and you won’t fill guilty about not exercising.

Get Your Body Moving 

Who says that only pilates class counts as exercise. You can get your body moving in different ways. Play your favorite playlist and dance to music or go for a walk. There are many ways to burn calories. You can also sweep your apartment or repaint your walls.