We Tried It: Hello Breath Spray

I love to have a shot of espresso in the morning to wake myself, but I hate the aftertaste and that stale smell it leaves in your mouth. Nobody likes coffee breath! While I usually depend on a pack of gum or a mint, Hello Breath Spray presented a new option: an all-natural breath freshener that contains no artificial colors or alcohol.


Price: $4.50

We Think:

How It Looks, How It Feels: Bottled in a small, round, plastic, container that resembles the R2-D2 robot from “Star Wars,” Hello’s breath spray is super-cute and easy to conceal in a pocket or purse.  It comes in multiple colors that represent the three flavors: green for mojito mint, blue for regular mint and pink is pink grapefruit mint flavor. Hello Breath Spray is all-natural and does not contain any alcohol or artificial sweeteners, which is great for those who are sober or allergic to some ingredients.

How to Use It: Position the small hole towards the mouth and press the white button at the top down completely to release a burst of freshness. Spray as many times as needed until your mouth feels completely fresh. Twist the colorful top to close.

Results:  I tried the pink grapefruit flavor and found that a single mist was not very effective. After two or three sprays, the flavor was a bit more evident but it disappeared within moments, leaving my mouth tasting very dull. I do not mind paying a little extra money for all-natural product, but only if the product’s effectiveness is on par with its competitors. In my experience, Hello Breath Spray worked only minimally. I definitely wouldn’t count on it to get rid of my morning coffee breath — at least not without lots and lots of spritzes. 

I received Hello Breath Spray as a sample and will not purchase it for myself in the future.