Whether you hit the gym at the crack of dawn before work or after the sun has set after work, you know the importance of a gym bag. You probably won’t realize the importance of a gym bag until you’re freshening up before work and realize you forgot a change of pants.

Yikes, it looks like you’re either going to be late to work or going in your Lululemons. Finding the right gym bag can be almost as tricky as figuring out the right things to pack in your gym bag, but here is the 411 on what you absolutely can’t leave out when packing your bag for the gym:


Imagine working out at a busy gym without headphones? It sounds terrifying. Don’t run the risk of having to work out to lame gym music and the sounds of gym buffs huffing and puffing. Pack a pair of headphones.


Because you can’t workout in your work flats. Always keep a pair of sneakers in your gym bag so you’re prepared for your workout, whether that’s before or after work.


Absolutely crucial- especially if you workout in the morning before going to work or school. No one wants to sit next to someone who smells like sweat and the gym all day.

Dry shampoo

You might not have time to go home and shower before going out, but dry shampoo will be your savior. Even if you have plans after the gym, a quick-dry shampoo touch up will do wonders.


Hunger can strike anytime, anywhere, so you want to be prepared. Especially if you don’t have time to eat before or after work, it’s essential to have a snack on you.

Extra socks/underwear

If you shower at the gym, always keep extra socks and underwear in your gym bag. Nothing would be more unfortunate than realizing you forgot underwear and have to go commando.

Makeup wipes

Working out with a full face of makeup is never ideal. And makeup wipes are a great way to freshen up after sweating.

Laundry bag

Because keeping your dirty, sweaty clothes just loose in your gym bag can get pretty gross. Keep a laundry bag to stash your gym clothes in.