A lot of people may say they do not bother with core exercises because they have a flat tummy that looks good in a bikini. Well, exercising and stabilizing your core indeed makes you look good in clothes that reveal your stomach. However, this is just icing to the original cake. There are so many benefits to stabilizing your core, and they have nothing to do with getting a six-pack. They range from performance to general support. Here are some reasons why you should focus on core exercises in your regular workout routine.

It’s your body’s entire support system

Your core symbolizes the center of your body. It is the base of support of the body, kind of like the foundation of a pyramid. You need your core for every activity, from walking to getting up from bed, bending, and virtually every type of movement. So why would you neglect the piece that’s keeping your entire body together? It should be strengthened and stabilized to guarantee the continuity of mobility skills.

It enhances balance

Age indeed diminishes one’s stability and general mobility; however, certain exercises can defy the natural order. These are core strengthening exercises. Once your core is strong or firm, your balance will improve. Plus, with exercise, there’s something like muscle memory. Hence even in old age, your body can still function like you’re in your youth even if you stop the exercise.

Enhances posture

Strengthening the core improves the general posture. You’re more likely to stand straighter, sit better, or even sleep better once you engage and stabilize your core. Your spine aligns better, and you perform daily activities more efficiently.

Strengthening your core enhances your general wellbeing. It reduces the risk of spine-related injuries or ailments and even some digestive illnesses too. It’s the central hub of your body, so it makes sense you should take care of it and keep it strong.