Winter Workout Clothes That Keep You Warm

Sorry, but it’s time to can the excuses. Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you get to skip your workout. We found plenty of winter fitness clothes that will keep you pounding the pavement—or get you out the door to hit the treadmill at the gym—when there’s a serious chill in the air. Bonus: Think how good that gingerbread latte you’ve earned will taste once you’re back in your toasty home catching up on episodes of “Homeland.” Nice try, weather. You can’t stop us.

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1Layer it on

Winter weather can be fickle. One day it’s 30 degrees, snowy and frigid, the next it’s so rainy and balmy you could swear spring is here. And sometimes that change seems to happen within one outdoor workout—which is why we layer. This bright, soft jacket works wonders on its own, but is thin enough to wear under something warmer when it’s extra cold. Now, who’s up for a jog around the park?

Asics Thermopolis LT Half-Zip, $70

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2Just breathe

When you know you’re going to work up a sweat exercising outside, reach for this weather-resistant jacket. The soft shell style (also available in black), made especially for runners, is waterproof, breathable and has plenty of stretch. Pockets can help keep your hands warm and an inside media pocket allows you to keep your iPod safe and dry. With this gear, every day is a nice day for a run.

Brooks Utopia soft shell jacket, $135

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3Head case

You’ve got the warm workout pants and jacket, but don’t forget the accessories. This wind- and chill-resistant fleece headband will help keep your ears warm, so you won’t be tempted to skip your fitness routine on a cold morning. The coolest part: This baby has a ponytail hole for a super-comfy fit. No hat head for you.

Manzella Power Stretch headband, $14.99,

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4Leg up

Baggy sweats and yoga pants just don’t cut it when you’re heading out to exercise on a wintery day. You’re gonna need tights. This pair features a compression fit to help trap heat in and ease chafing. Plus, they have a cute burst of color to add a little pep to your step. Heck, with these tights in your drawer, you may even look forward to your next cold weather workout.

Under Armour ColdGear Print Blocked tight, $59.99

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5Lend a hand

Keep your fingers warm with these water repellent gloves, which come with a hood that can quickly convert them to mittens. This style also comes with reflective material to raise your visibility on early morning or evening runs.

Manzella Hatchback convertible running gloves, $35, Totes-Isotoner

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6Vested interest

On temperate winter days, sometimes a vest is more appropriate than a coat or jacket. This bright style (also available in black, white, teal and purple) is lightweight, wind-resistant and easy to pack. Your excuse that you couldn’t find room for your fitness gear in your bag on that mountain vacation just went out the window.

Athleta Prevail vest, $54.99

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7Best foot forward

Don’t let a little snow foul up your outdoor workout plans. Just pull on a pair of gaiters—they hook under your hiking boot or running shoe and have an elastic band that goes over your tights or pants above the ankle, so your feet stay nice and dry.

Outdoor Research Rocky Mountain Low Gaiters, $27, REI

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8Warm it up

Not every woman wants to shimmy into a running tight, especially after weeks spent living on a diet of Christmas cookies and eggnog. That’s why we’re picking up a pair of these pants. The forgiving cut is loose and comfortable, while the thermal material keeps your legs warm so you can, you know, burn off all of those holiday treats.

Nike Livestrong Thermal running pants, $70

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