Yoga is a relaxing body to soul practice that can truly challenge your body with the right moves. It demands strength, patience, and a lot of dedication to reach your ideal weight. Here are the best yoga moves to lose weight while feeding your soul!

Being able to hold a plank for 10 minutes is the best way to strengthen your core and get those rock hard abs and toned body in no time. Many women swear by this move. Those looking to lose postpartum weight can benefit significantly from the plank.

Warrior II
The warrior poses are one of the most powerful (and badass) yoga moves. It helps you tone the muscles in your thighs, hips, and legs, all while feeling powerful AF!

The secret to this pose is proper breathing and belief in yourself and everything that you can do. You go, girl!

Warrior III
Almost the same as warrior II, this pose helps strengthen and tone your legs and your back muscles. It’s a great core training pose. The secret is, the longer you can hold a warrior III pose, the better your butt will start to look!

Downward dog
Another yoga favorite, downward dog, allows you to stretch and tone your entire body. The longer you hold it and push down, the better the results.

Twisted chair
The twisted chair pose sure has a way to test your patience and commitment! It’s a challenging but highly rewarding pose. It allows you to deeply stretch your core and help build muscle on your legs and shoulders.

Boat pose
This pose is a great way to tone your legs, shoulders, and abs while helping you burn fat much quicker. It’s a fundamental body toning pose that you can even try with a partner!