The Best Yoga Performance Socks & Shoes

Sick of slipping around on your yoga mat? Grossed out by walking barefoot into a barre class studio? We tested out yoga and in-studio (Pilates, barre classes, etc.) performance socks and shoes to find out which ones are best at protecting your toes and helping you get a grip.

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The chopped off toe pockets preserve your toe-wiggling freedom while the sticky nubs on the soles provide extra stability, making this one our editor’s pick. The bold colors and stripy designs are the envy of bare yoga feet everywhere. $15/pair;


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Gaiam No Slip Yoga Socks

Shaped like “toe gloves,” these socks offer full coverage to protect your feet from all things icky. Hint: Buy one size smaller than recommended so your toes don’t slide around in the fabric each time you reposition your feet.  $20/2 pairs;

3Exhale Core Fusion Socks

With this sock, your entire foot is ensconced in one pouch just like a traditional sock. That, along with the padded ankles, help keep feet warm and ankles bruise-free. However, the relatively thick fabric tends to bunch and slip, especially when worn on a mat or carpet. $14/pair;

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4Physique 57 Blake Brody In-Studio Footwear

Slim, flexible and cushiony, these slippers provide plenty of support and grip. Yoga purists may find the arch a bit too built-up to maintain a barefoot feel, but barre class devotees will love the stability. And there’s no denying that the corset tie at the heel is super cute.  $105/pair;

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5Exhale ZEM Workout Bootie

These stretchy, lightweight booties do a decent job of providing traction without impeding movement. The breathable uppers wick away sweat better than many of the socks we tried. $30/pair;

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6Sole Sports Flip

Your overworked yoga feet will go from ohm to ahhh when you slip these puppies on after a class. The deep dip in the heel cradle massages your feet and helps you stand up straighter, making them an editor’s pick. You can’t wear them in class, but their style rocks hard with yoga pants or jeans. $65/pair;

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