Earlier this year, Zooey Deschanel took a stance against her “adorkable” image and spilled the beans that it was a creation of Fox’s marketing department. Now, the pregnant actress is fighting back against another dumb Hollywood creation: the “post-baby body”.

Deschanel is on the cover of the June 2015 issue of Cosmopolitan and gets down to business on body image, women in Hollywood, and her personal success.

Zooey on refusing to care about her “after-baby” body image:

“Haven’t we all seen those pictures of a sexy new mom in a bikini after one month? I will not be that person. I’ve always gone my own course and never been someone who had the need to be super skinny. I like a healthy look. I don’t buy into that skinny-is-better mentality. I just eat healthy and work out and don’t worry about my weight too much. Actresses aren’t models, and most of them never wanted to be.”

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On the #AskHerMore campaign to get the media to focus on something more important than women are wearing on the red carpet:

“I’m all for people asking actresses more intelligent questions. Just because you’re wearing a nice dress doesn’t mean you don’t have any ideas. It’s a shame to reduce smart, talented women to clothes models. But you can be a feminist and femme. I don’t see how those things contradict each other.”

On women in TV:

“It’s a good time for women on TV. We can be funny in our own way … and funny doesn’t mean just one thing. Funny isn’t just one-liners. It’s big personalities and individualism.”

On achieving success:

“I’m very focused. I work all the time, but I do what I love and I don’t care what people think of it. You don’t become successful by trying to be ‘a success.’ You become successful by doing things that give you pleasure. That’s a hallmark of mine.”

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