If you thought the plague was long gone and a terror left in the past, well, you were wrong. Although the plague isn’t ravaging cities in the United States anymore, it has left one Colorado-based family terribly saddened after a loved one perished from the serious disease.

According to CNN, The Pueblo City-County Health Department has confirmed that an adult has passed away from the plague. “The individual may have contracted the disease from fleas on a dead rodent or animal,” a press release given by the health department said.

Although it’s not confirmed where the individual contracted the disease, it was discovered that a dead prairie dog in Pueblo County was found to have the plague.

The CDC recommends frequently using insect repellent and not allowing your pets to sleep in bed with you. They also report that only eight people contract the plague yearly in the United States, and that it’s easily treated with antibiotics and immediate medical attention. So, if you experience a sudden, onset of fever, headache, chills, and swollen lymph nodes, get checked out ASAP. Better safe than sorry!