Every person will say something different if asked what they keep in their purse. Some people don’t carry around anything more than their wallet and phone, while others are always prepared with first aid kits and snacks.

No matter what you choose, it is vital to keep certain essentials on you at all times- that’s the benefit of having a purse after all, isn’t it?! Here is what we have gathered as the key essentials that we carry around in our purse 24/7:

If you don’t need chapstick, someone around is going to- so you might as well keep one on you.

You never know when you’re going to need to freshen your breath.

Just in case you randomly burst out into tears (don’t lie, it happens).

Portable Charger
I don’t know about you, but carrying around a portable charger was a game-changer for me.

Hand Sanitizer
Hand sanitizer is a necessity, just in case you grab a bite to eat or just need a quick cleaning.

Hair Tie
Always keep a few extras in your bag, in case of emergency.

Just like chapstick- even if you don’t need it, someone around you is going to.

A Snack
Just stash a small bar in your purse so you’ll be prepared if hunger strikes.

The older you get, the more critical it is to always keep a credit card, cash, and ID on you at all times.

This is a given, but you’re often better off keeping your phone in your purse where it’s safe than out in your hand!