Every day we are bombarded by beautiful women promoting matching workout sets as we scroll. They claim they are amazing, but those images are also paired with a ‘swipe up for my code’ caption.

Sure they look great but do these cute leggings hold up during a workout? Are they REALLY squat proof? Don’t worry. I spent the money and risked the embarrassment for you.

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Here are my favorite squat proof leggings from the internet:

1DB Active (Signature Leggings)

These buttery high waisted leggings allow you to move about for all types of workouts. Owner Dannibelle posted videos featuring several trials she went through to create such a perfect pair.

2Flexxfit (Luxe Leggings)

These are on the cheaper side with lots of color options that frequently change. The waistband seam starts a tad low, but the price makes up for it!

3Gymshark (Camo Seamless Leggings)

It has a flattering booty seam that will only encourage you to continue on your workout journey. These are a knit material making them great for leg day and are definitely squat proof. Keep that thickness in mind before putting them on for a cardio day!

4DoYouEven (Hyperflex Seamless Leggings)

This line has cute matching sets with very flattering colors that will make anyone feel like IG fitness royalty.

It’s hard to tell whose just selling products versus who actually supports them when it comes to Instagram. These four pairs have stood up to numerous strength training sessions at the gym.