I look forward to going to bed early every night. It’s not because I’m eager to sleep at 9 PM, but I have a specific bedtime ritual that makes me happy and relaxed.

Taking the time out of your busy schedule to relax after a stressful day will help your body and mind feel refreshed, so you’re ready to tackle the next day.


Meditation is something that you can do daily to calm and re-center yourself. Focus on your breathing and zone out in a quiet corner to tune out the stressors. That means no smartphones allowed! Make this a time solely for peacefulness, letting go of negative emotions. Mindful meditation, even for just 5 minutes a day, can do wonders for your body and well-being.

Hot baths

Taking a nice warm bath can be the ultimate self-care and mindful activity you can do. Clear your mind, and melt away any tension in your body. Try adding some essential oils like chamomile or lavender, or try a homemade bath mix to soak in. You can even dump some tea satchels to make a relaxing tea bath! Light a candle, put on a relaxing playlist, and unwind.

Get a massage

Either book yourself a spa visit for the ultimate indulgence or get your significant other to give you one! You can even read up on acupressure and provide yourself with one using some coconut oil. Even just a DIY hand or foot massage can feel indulgent and relaxing.

Enjoy a cup of tea

Different teas have different health benefits. They’re good for you, delicious and most importantly, soothing! You can enjoy a cup while taking in the day outside or combine with some other self-care activity, like reading, talking with a loved one, creating or listening to relaxing podcast, etc. Get a nice loose tea leaf pot and try new flavors whenever you get the chance.

A chapter a day

Do you have a book you’ve wanted to dig into but can’t seem to find the time? Replace your phone with a book of your choice before bedtime. Read at least one chapter before turning out the lights. It will help you relax and get comfortable in bed. Also, by reading instead of being on your phone, it allows your brain to release the melatonin it needs to relax and fall asleep.