I think we can all agree Halloween is the sweetest holiday. And it’s not just kids consuming copious amounts of candy. Us big kids have a blast with all that discount Halloween candy and left-over treats from the night. It’s not realistic to completely abstain from eating any candy since it might just lead to bingeing.

With this year’s spooky holiday approaching, it’s time to come up with some treats that won’t completely sabotage your fitness goals. With the following desserts, health and Halloween will have more in common than just the letter ‘h.’

Fruit parfaits

This fruit parfait is the undefeated world champion of healthy snacks and desserts. Nothing beats a glass of fruit of your choice, properly covered with whipped cream or mixed with yogurt. It’s tasty, not overly sweet, refreshing, and vitamin-packed!

Homemade Oreos

Noone’s going to say no to Oreos. Unfortunately, they contain a handful of unknown ingredients that only someone with a medical degree can decipher. Luckily, there are several homemade Oreo recipes out there! Get festive by using orange food coloring for the middle part.

Halloween cookies

Who says cookies are only for Christmas? The choices are endless here! Bake up some Halloween themed cookies for the little ones, and by little ones we mean your taste buds. You can cut the dough into fun shapes like pumpkins and ghosts. Heck, you can make Halloween cookie decorating a thing too.

Sweet potato brownies

Make a healthier version of brownies that everyone can enjoy. These sweet potato brownies from Chocolate Covered Katie are packed with thick chocolatey goodness and have the natural sweetness of the sweet potatoes. The best part is that everyone will think they’re regular brownies.

Banana Popsicles

These Halloween ghost popsicles look good and taste even better. Clocking in at just 50 calories, there are plenty of opportunities for customization. You can drizzle with peanut butter, dip in dark chocolate or make as-is!