To keep the hygiene in your house at the optimal level, you need to regularly replace certain household items. That way, you will stay clear of grimes and build-up, keeping your home clean.

Most people forget to throw out their toothbrushes regularly. However, they need to be replaced every 3 months. As bacteria can build-up on toothbrushes thanks to the moist environment, you really want to make sure you are throwing out your toothbrushes every 3 months.

Even though dry spices don’t contain a lot of water, they still need to be replaced regularly. Most spices are good for up to two years. You should check the expiration date on your spices now and then to make sure they are safe to use.

Dish Sponges
Dish sponges can get full of grime pretty fast, so you should change them at least every two weeks. Cleaning and disinfecting them between use is also a good practice that will prevent bacteria from spreading to your dishes.

Most people don’t know that they should change their pillows regularly. You are using them every night, and they get dirty, which is why you should buy a new pillow every 2 years. Your skin will thank you. Additionally, make sure you are washing them every few months.

Hair Brush
The bristles in your hairbrush can hold bacteria. Once the hairbrush starts to show the signs of aging, you should throw it out. It’s also essential to keep it clean to maintain hygiene. Remove the hair from the hairbrush and soak it in warm water. You can use disinfectant or alcohol to kill any remaining bacteria.

Towels can get worn out quickly as you are using them daily. You can use your old towels as rags or repurpose them as towels for your pets. Change your towels every few years to make sure they can absorb water quickly. Make sure you are washing your towels at high temperatures that kill bacteria and avoid using fabric softener on towels as it can create a film that disrupts the absorbing power of a towel.