It’s vital to feel motivated in your space. As life happens, you want your space to be comforting and something that makes you feel great every day. It should express your lifestyle as well as your personality. These are a few ways to make a place your home and your own.

Display Memories

One of the easier ways to decorate your space and give it personality is to hang up pictures of your fondest memories. Think about how can you make them match your space. For example, you can make them all black and white or put them in matching frames. The pictures won’t only give your space personality, but will also help you feel better when you’re down.

Rearrange Furniture

Play around with your furniture arrangements. Try out different combinations and decide what works best for you. You don’t have to opt for traditional furniture positions. Instead, think about what works and looks good to you.

Decorate with Art

Art is a great way to decorate your space. Choose something that speaks to you and represents your style and personality the best. If you are artistic, you can also paint something yourself. Don’t limit yourself to traditional definitions of art. Also, antiques can make the space yours.

A Pop of Color

Color can bring life to your apartment and transform it from boring to engaging pretty fast. You can repaint your walls to give your apartment an upgrade or pick a colorful furniture piece that will break a monotony. Pick a color you love and think about how it will pair with the rest of your space.

Display Your Hobby

Whatever you’re passionate about should be shared with the world. If you love to play guitar, hang it up on the wall of your living room. If you are a photographer, hang up some of your work. Not only will this lighten up your space, but it will also motivate you to do more of what you love since you will be exposed to it daily.

Add Plants

Plants are an excellent way to transform your place. They bring life to your space and make it more welcoming. There are numerous kinds of house plants you can choose from. If you never had plants before, it’s best to get the ones that don’t require much attention.