The Most Inspiring Quotes From the 2015 Academy Awards

The acceptance speeches have always been my favorite part of the Oscars. They’re spontaneous, emotional and personal — everything the big night isn’t.

This year’s speeches were notable for their emphasis on activism and love. From Patricia Arquette’s call to action on pay equality for women to John Legend’s tribute to those fighting for racial equality, the Academy Awards shed light on a variety of important social and political issues.

Check out our five favorite acceptance speech moments this year — and be sure to share them!

1Julianne Moore

Best Actress, “Still Alice”

2John Legend

Best Original Song, “Selma”

3J.K. Simmons

Best Supporting Actor, “Whiplash”

4Patricia Arquette

Best Supporting Actress, “Boyhood”

5Graham Moore

Best Original Screenplay, “The Imitation Game”