YouBeauty Cosmetic Chemistry Expert Ni’Kita Wilson, 39“The only limitations are the ones that you place on yourself. To hell with what others think about you or what you can accomplish.”YouBeauty Sleep Expert Shelby Freedman Harris, 35“Exercise isn’t a four letter word. You’ll not only look better, but you’ll also be mentally, physically and spiritually stronger by making time to exercise on a regular basis.”YouBeauty Social Media Manager Julie Giusti, 33“Buy Apple.”YouBeauty Culinary Expert Jim Perko, 58“Spend more time with Mom and Dad because it’s your greatest gift of happiness to them!”YouBeauty Psychology Advisor Art Markman, 48“You don’t have to win your relationships. Admit mistakes, accept compromise and do things you don’t want to do. Never say, ‘I’m sorry, but…’ “YouBeauty Meditation Expert Andy Puddicombe, 41“There is no greater tragedy in life than to be so caught up in our own thoughts, so overly concerned with our sense of self, that we miss the opportunity to connect with those around us. So learn how to live in the present, understand what it means to be in the here and now, and no matter what, find the time, every single day, to rest the mind and be at ease in the silence of meditation.”YouBeauty Science Editor Amanda Schupak, 33“Those jeans don’t fit.”YouBeauty Editor in Chief Laura Kenney, 38“Yes, you’re still breaking out. Get over it. No one notices except you (it’s called The Spotlight Effect and, for me, it was the best scientific discovery ever).”YouBeauty Relationship Expert David Sbarra, 40“Stay in touch with friends from childhood and college, and keep these relationships alive at all costs—not just through Facebook, but in actual in-person interactions. Your mid-20s are the real beginning of your adulthood, and the best thing you can do is keep your friends close. I lost some great friends as I put my head down to start my ‘adult work life,’ and this is by far my biggest regret now that I am 40.”YouBeauty Nutrition Advisor Kristin Kirkpatrick, 38“I wish I would have cooked more. As a 27 year old, busy every day and no time (or desire) to cook for myself, I probably ate way too many processed foods, skipped meals and neglected to eat enough fruits and vegetables.”YouBeauty Self-Image Expert Heather Quinlan, 46“Take your time with big decisions—there is plenty of time left and you’re doing fine. Keep your standards high (but not unattainable) for yourself and other people. Wear more sunscreen and less eyeliner, and buy a jar of coconut oil—you’ll thank me in 20 years.”YouBeauty Executive Editor Courtney Dunlop, 33“Learn to cook so it becomes a habit and you’re not so reliant on takeout.”YouBeauty Health Editor Rachel Grumman Bender, 41“Don’t sweat it that you haven’t met ‘the one’ yet. He’ll come along later than you’d expected, but he will be well worth the wait. Call your Grandma more often. You will miss her incredibly when she’s gone. Put on sunscreen every day (yes, every day). Oh, and buy Google stock in five years.”YouBeauty Creative Manager Valerie Fischel, 29“Set up a savings account and deposit $50 a month into it (and don’t you dare touch it!), because future you wants to go to Morocco for her 30th birthday.”YouBeauty Motivation Expert Carin Rockind, 39“Follow your passion. All of your dreams are going to happen and you should enjoy it! You have found your purpose—don’t be too scared to take a leap of faith.”YouBeauty Fitness Expert Tracy Hafen, 45“Love, bask in and appreciate every minute that your body can do what you want it to…work, spring, twist, sweat, climb, smell, dance, run, orgasm, create life…whatever. The physicalities of life are beautiful. Enjoy them all in their seasons.”YouBeauty Wellness Advisor Beth Ricanati, 44 “Wash your face every night before bed. Nothing fancy, maybe just use something gentle like Cetaphil. A clean, healthy face is a great way to face the world.”YouBeauty Recipe Expert Elana Horwich, 39“If you consciously choose to take the path towards becoming your best self, the end result will eventually be genuine self appreciation. Thus, comparing yourself to others, trying to pace your life to the timeline of societal expectations and beating yourself up for not having yet ‘arrived’ will all be things of the past. Your more evolved self will no longer need any negativity to navigate your life, though those thoughts were helpful to your self-defining needs as an adolescent. It’s OK to begin to let them go now.”Chloe, 4“I love you, myself. I wish I had a blue sparkling dress.”YouBeauty Dermatology Expert Jeanine Downie, M.D., in her forties“My advice would be Maya Angelou’s quote, ‘When people show you who they are, believe them the first time.’ This is about relationships with men, your career, your friends and your family. Had I done this it would have saved me a lot of heartache! Keep a clear head in times of stress. This will separate you from those that cannot. I would tell my 27-year-old self to love myself more. To not be so hard on myself, to be more forgiving, and to be kinder to myself. I was extremely harsh on myself when I was younger! Being so critical of yourself is never a good thing. Wear sunblock, floss daily, sleep more. Exercise, eat brightly colored fruits and vegetables. Don’t abuse your body with diet soda and too much sugar.”YouBeauty Makeup Expert Emily Kate Warren, 34“Don’t be afraid to have a baby. It will be the best time of your life, even in the worst of times!”YouBeauty Publicist Bevin O’Rourke, 36“Don’t settle.”