Women have babies via Caesarean section around the world every single day. In fact, according to the CDC, C-sections are the most frequently performed in-patient surgery in America. But it’s not every day you hear about the new mom lying on the operating table,  reaching down to help the OB/GYN pull her newborn from her own belly. But Gerri Wolfe, an Australian mom, did just that while delivering twins — her 10th and 11th children — last month, UK’s Daily Mail reported.It’s called a maternal assisted Caesarean, and according to ImprovingBirth.org, it doesn’t happen much outside of Australia. These types of C-sections are pretty routine, up until the point right at the end where the mother giving birth reaches down and lifts the baby out herself.  The idea is that birthing moms participate in the C-section instead of just lying there letting the docs do their thing. Assisting more proactively in childbirth can “help moms feel more in control and more positive about their surgical birth experiences, while promoting breastfeeding, bonding, and the overall well-being of mom and baby,” ImprovingBirth.org says.”This is what I need to reclaim my birth — to make it more personal for me, so I can be a good mother,” Wolfe told the Daily Mail. “It was more about making it that much more personal, and for me to have a connection to the birth of my children.”Maybe after giving birht to her nine previous chidlren, Wolfe thought it was kinda a drag to just lie there when she know something exciting was happening just an arms-length away?!?! Even so, we’ll just take the meds and lie here until it’s over, doc.If you want to see Wolfe’s maternal-assisted Caesarean in action, head over to UK Daily Mail to check out the photos.Related Articles:Woman Gives Birth One Hour After Finding Out She’s PregnantEverything You Need to Know About Eating Your Placenta