We’re creatures of adaptation. If our skin starts flaking, we slather on moisturizer. If we survive a heart attack, we drop bacon burgers from our diet.When faced with a problem, we find a solution quickly so we can get back to our routine. There’s one problem that’s most likely to interfere with your daily routine. It’s what sends more people to the doctor than just about anything else.Millions of Americans suffer from back pain. Some of it is chronic and throbbing, some so debilitating and sharp that it makes you yelp.Back pain is almost like a metaphorical gunshot wound to your body. Depending on its intensity, it can paralyze you and prevent you from walking, tying your shoes—anything really!Actually, 72 percent of people who sought back pain treatment gave up on sports and exercise. Another 46 percent of people say there pain was enough to give up sex!That’s a sure way to keep you from looking and feeling your most beautiful. Back pain is so common—it has spawned multimillion-dollar industries trying to deal with it.Whenever you have a ton of treatment options, it’s a clue that none is perfect. Less tends to be more, in this scenario.QUIZ: Do You Have a Healthy Exercise Routine?