Maybe you had one of those moms who slapped your hand when she caught you scratching at a pimple or chewing your dry lips. Biting those fingernails? No way you could get away with that. But, let’s face it, all the micro-monitoring in the world still can’t always prevent us from indulging in our dirty little secrets. None of us are perfect, but striking a few bad beauty habits from our daily regime is all it takes to pretty ourselves up a little bit better—and longer. Read on to kick seven of the worst beauty addictions…no 12 steps needed!Bad Habit #1: Not Taking Time To FlossThe Solution: We all know what it feels like to fall into the trap of “not having time” or simply feeling too tired to floss, but skimping on it could cause some major health issues—and ruin your pearly whites. Being a little lax on your flossing routine breeds extra plaque-forming bacteria. And plaque build-up leads to inflammation and a receding gum line, which means unsightly gaps between teeth and, possibly, future tooth loss. (Plus, there’s an association between gum disease and chronic inflammatory diseases, like cardiovascular disease.) “Flossing breaks up bacteria between teeth and beneath the gum line,” says Dr. Michael Apa.To keep your winning smile, Dr. Apa recommends starting a strict regime of: “First thing in the morning, brush, floss, rinse. Last thing before bed, brush, floss, rinse. It’s like asking how to make time to put on your socks.” He also recommends, especially for those who experience pain when flossing, trying Oral-B Pro-Health Clinical Protection Floss. “People take care of their skin,” he says. “But taking care of your teeth is just another part of taking care of your face.” Flossing twice a day is Dr. Apa’s recommendation, and the benefits are threefold: decreasing dental visits that require the drill, keeping your teeth for as many years as you can, and maintaining overall health.Click over to to learn how to break six more bad beauty habits.