Introducing Beauty Intel

As you may have noticed, we got a major makeover. It’s much more than a coat of digital paint: With our relaunch we’re introducing Beauty Intel, a sitewide initiative to bring you stories based on the real science of real women.

We’re doing something no one else has ever done before: We’re researching women—at a grand scale—to better understand how we think about, feel about, and act on our beauty and health. Many universities produce research scales to learn more about how stress, sleep, love, eating choices, happiness and even hair loss affects our lives. With our 34 original quizzes, many of which are based on these same scales, YouBeauty is not only able to give you amazingly personalized access to this research, but we are actually furthering it by opening these scales to a larger group of women. The more we help improve this science, the more we can shape our content around what matters most to you.

Over the past two years, our readers have taken over 2.1 million quizzes. We’re now crunching our data (totally anonymously, of course) to better understand what makes you tick. We know that a whopping 95 percent of our readers regularly experience stress, 44 percent want thick, lush lashes, and less than half of them wash their faces before bed every single night. We’ve learned that most of our readers have a triangle body shape, could use more sleep and aren’t eating all the fruits and vegetables they need for beauty.

We know you’re busy, and we never want to waste your time. So, with all this information, we’ve begun creating articles based on what’s relevant to you. Visit the special issue page to flip through the inaugural Beauty Intel stories. Check back as we add more articles throughout the month and from here on out.

We wouldn’t be YouBeauty without you, so thank you! Keep taking quizzes, and we’ll keep cutting through the fluff to deliver science-based content that is truly useful.

You make us who we are and we want to give back by renewing our focus on helping you become your best, most beautiful self.

Check out Beauty Intel now—see you there.