Every month we reach for pads and tampons because we’ve grown accustomed to them, but they are no longer our only option for menstrual products. There are many new innovative solutions available that give more options for different lifestyles and are environmentally friendly. Consider swapping out your tampons for these alternative products.

Thinx Period Underwear
These undies can replace tampons or be used with them (or a cup) for extra protection. They come in a variety of styles and colors that offer different levels of protection. There are even thongs to replace your panty liners! Not only are they super absorbent, but they are moisture-wicking. Clean them in the washing machine, but make sure to hand dry them. Create a set to get a discount.

Divacup Menstrual Cup
A menstrual cup is a soft silicone cup that can be used for up to 12 hours. The cup creates a secure seal making sure it’s leak-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about moving around all day. Save money by not having to buy products monthly and prevent waste. Additionally, the cup is chemical-free. If you’re interested, but a bit overwhelmed, check out their videos for more information.

Callay Tampliners
A tampliner is precisely what it sounds like – a tampon and pantyliner in one. Invented by a gynecologist, the tampliner is hypoallergenic and bio-compatible. They are also made of organic cotton, so there are no harsh chemicals involved. The tampliner has a virtual applicator that keeps things clean while inserting and also helps prevent any mess while removing.

Dame Reusable Applicator
Plastic applicators can make inserting a tampon much easier, but they create an insane amount of waste. Dame created a reusable applicator that is self-sanitizing and works with all tampons. Simply rinse off, dry, and store in a cotton wallet. Additionally, on their site, they sell organic cotton tampons, which are 100% biodegradable.

Glad Rags Day Pads
We talked about reusable applicators, but what about reusable pads. Companies like Glad Rags make cloth pads that are adjustable to your flow. Their day pads come with three parts – one holder and two inserts. Place one or more of the inserts into the holder like an envelope, and the holder wraps and snaps around underwear. They are machine washable!